Vocal technique course.

Purposes of the courses: to provide the student with the first technical notions related to the correct phonation and articulation of sound.
To provide the student knowledge of the phonatory system and the aptitude to preserve it. (stesso testo della pagina precedente prima di cliccare “scopri di più”)

Diaphragm respiration:
breath in and exhalation: use of musculature and its implications in the emission of air.
Specific exercises on breathing (in order to optimize the result students will be required to carry out the assigned exercises with care and consistency).

Relaxation exercises:
The teacher will suggest exercises aimed at relaxation in order to improve the preparation of the student to the subsequent group work.

Practical Exercises:
Vocal exercises (with the help of musical keyboard)
Classical exercises as per the academic tradition of modern and classical singing.
Articulation and support (classical exercises of the academic theatre tradition).

Course duration:

First level: cycle of four meetings preparatory to the study of the subject that the artist has chosen to carry out in his/her professional career.
Bookings by November

Second level: cycle of four meetings to delve into and consolidate the techniques learned in the first level.

Reservations by January
Number of participants: min. 5, max. 10

Teacher: Cosimo Morleo - www.cosimomorleo.com