The course lasts three years, children are eligible after taking part to the free seminar "The Voices Game"

Children and adolescents are custodians of a magic world, made of creativity, energy, sensibility: when they play, not only they imagine incredible scenarios and stories, but live them for real.
So why lose such a gift, why not cultivate it?


- To help the child maturing a greater awareness of her/his physical expressiveness, respecting her/his body by teaching how to communicate through it with mastery, controlling its impulses.
- To help the child applying the correct breathing to safeguard and improve vocal emission over time.
- To help the child learning the techniques that will give him/her mastery in speaking, control of the speed of verbal articulation and the ability to communicate verbally with greater clarity without clipping words.
- To help the child developing integration capability by focusing on mutual listening within the group, acquiring relationship tools to deal with people of their own age, and adults too.
- To help child identifying and recognizing daily emotions teaching him/her to find new tools to control and convey them.

Course duration: three years renewable from year to year

Subjects of study

Basis of diction and elements of verbal expression
Articulation – clarity – correct pronunciation of the word – management of exposition speed
Elements of body expression
Elements of dramaturgy
Reading exercises
Dubbing lessons in the recording studio
Year-end show created with the children

Detailed study of the disciplines of the first year: diction and correct pronunciation
Vocal techniques
Expression and interpretation
Sessions in recording studio
Year-end show on an original script.

Detailed study and consolidation of the subjects of previous years
Lessons in recording studio and practical exercises
Year-end lesson in recording studio open to parents
Year-end show on an original script

Start of course: November
Number of participants: min. 8 – max. 12
Age: from 8 to 13
Teachers: Roberta Maraini, Stefania Giuliani, Laura Righi, Patrizia Giangrand, Francesca Vettori.
Location: Cooperativa ODS-Via Nicola Fabrizi 16-Torino and Theatre
Discounts and facilitations: 5% discount for those who bring a new student.