Approach to dubbing

Intensive seven-hour internship with the intent of approaching the reality of the dubber.
Measurement and evaluation by an expert in the field of your own capabilities in front of the microphone

Course duration: seven hours

A day dedicated to discovering and experimenting first-hand the secrets of dubbing.

Purpose of the course

In the morning, three hours will be spent introducing dubbing techniques, with exercises and practical applications. It's a kind of preparation for what you will have to face in the second part.
In the afternoon, four hours will involve working directly in the recording studio to test out the student's own abilities (even instinctive) with dubbing some simple but meaningful scenes.
This internship is used to determine the starting point of each student.
Under the leadership of the dubbing directors, the student's difficulties - but also eventual capabilities, even unexpected – will be verified.

The teachers who guide the student during the seven hours of the course, at the end of the seminar will indicate his/her natural characteristics and propensities and, if requested, suggest the optimal learning path to becoming a professional dubber.

This seminar is a mandatory step for those who want to access the dubbing school.

First, to make students aware of what to expect, secondly to highlight and evaluate the student's level of preparation and specific problems he/she will have to tackle, and determine what level of the dubbing course the student will be able to access.

Number of participants: max. 10

Requirements: open to all.

Teachers: Lucia Valenti - Gianni Gaude - Patrizia Giangrand