Booksound: "Books raise their voice"

Booksound: "Books raise their voice" is a free project about "reading aloud" and it is dedicated to schools.
It aims on the voice and its use to turn on the passion for books; it is targeted to young people from eight to eighteen years old.
It shows to the students that, "to read aloud", means sharing, having fun, improving their own skills of comprehension and interpretation making them protagonists of an adventure made of words.
“Booksound” is in its fourth edition and has involved up to now more than five thousand students throughout Italy.
This project is organized and promoted by the publishing house Marcos y Marcos, in collaboration with our company, the reading Library of Arezzo and the LaAV and involve dozens of readers and bookshops from all over Italy.
At Full Volume

At Full Volume

ODS has collaborated into the schools through the "read aloud laboratories" with the aim to realize the attribution of the project "At full volume" to the city of Nichelino.

Our project (At full volume) was the only winner in the north of Italy of the competition notice "Cities that read" - edition 2017